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Name Joox
Category Music & Audio
Compatible with Android 4.2+
Last version 7.18.0
Size 359.58 Mb
Developer Tencent Mobility Limited
Price Free
Google Play Link com.tencent.ibg.joox
Joox APK
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Joox APK is a premier music streaming application developed by Tencent Mobility Limited, tailored for Android devices. As one of the leading platforms in the digital music realm, Joox provides its users with an expansive library of songs, spanning various genres and artists from around the globe.

Beyond mere streaming, Joox APK offers a suite of features such as live broadcasts, personalized playlists, and an integrated lyrics function, making it a holistic music experience for enthusiasts and casual listeners alike. Whether you’re looking to discover new tracks, sing along to your favorites, or tune into global radio stations, Joox APK is your all-in-one music companion.

What is Joox Music APK?

Joox Music APK is a digital music streaming application developed by Tencent Mobility Limited. The “APK” stands for Android Package Kit, which is the file format used for distributing and installing applications on the Android operating system.

Joox Music provides users with access to a vast library of songs from artists all around the world. It offers both free and VIP subscription models, with the latter providing additional features such as offline listening, on-demand song playback, high-quality audio streaming, and an ad-free experience.

Features of

Extensive Music Library: Joox APK boasts a vast collection of over 40 million songs from artists all over the world, ensuring that users have a diverse range of music genres to choose from.

Lyrics Feature: For karaoke enthusiasts, Joox provides lyrics for all its songs, highlighting each phrase as the song progresses.

Joox Rooms: A unique feature where users can enjoy music and engage in live conversations with audio and video group chat.

Trending Videos: Apart from music, Joox also offers a plethora of trending short videos for users to explore.

Joox Radio: Users have access to over 50 radio stations, ensuring a diverse listening experience.

Personalized Playlists: Joox APK offers recommended playlists based on users’ listening habits, ensuring a tailored music experience.

Live Broadcasting: Users can tune into live performances, interviews, and other broadcasts from their favorite artists.

High-Quality Audio: VIP subscribers also enjoy high-definition audio streaming, ensuring the best listening experience.

User-Friendly Interface: The app is designed with an intuitive interface, making navigation and music discovery seamless for users.

How Joox APK Works

Joox is a vibrant music streaming platform, provides complimentary access to a vast array of songs for its users. Every track is accompanied by its lyrics, ensuring listeners can deeply connect with and grasp the essence of each song.

The platform serves as a bridge, connecting international artists with their global fanbase. This guarantees that the latest hits from your cherished artists are always within reach.

Moreover, Joox lets you tune into your preferred radio stations, keeping the musical experience diverse and fresh. With its forward-thinking approach, Joox ensures that you’re always at the forefront, savoring the newest melodies from a rich tapestry of genres.

What is Joox Pro Apk

Joox Pro APK is a renowned music streaming platform, offering high-quality audio experiences. Whether you’re in the mood for timeless classics or the latest hits, this premium version has got you covered. From vintage tracks to contemporary Dharma Qawwali, the app caters to diverse musical tastes, including genres like Rock, EDM, Pop, and Jain. Its popularity stems from its vast collection and superior sound quality.

One standout feature of Joox Music Pro APK is its real-time lyric display, allowing users to follow along as they listen. If you’re familiar with Spotify Premium APK, you’ll find Joox equally impressive. Both platforms offer unlimited music streaming and downloads, ensuring a seamless audio journey for their users.

Pros & Cons


  • User-Friendly Interface: Joox offers a seamless and easy-to-navigate interface, making it user-friendly for all age groups.
  • Diverse Music Collection: With songs from various genres and artists, Joox ensures that users have a comprehensive music experience.
  • Free Features: Even without a VIP subscription, Joox offers a plethora of features for its users, including access to a vast music library, Joox radio, and trending videos.


  • Network Issues: Some users have reported network errors, especially when trying to play downloaded songs offline.
  • Song Availability: While Joox has a vast collection, some users have noted the absence of certain songs or the presence of cover versions instead of the original.
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Joox APK is undoubtedly a must-have for music enthusiasts. With its vast collection, user-friendly interface, and plethora of features, it offers a comprehensive music experience for its users. Whether you’re looking to discover new songs, sing along to your favorite tracks, or explore trending videos, Joox has got you covered. While there are some minor issues, they don’t overshadow the overall positive experience that Joox provides. So, if you’re a true music lover, Joox APK is the app for you!

People Also Ask [FAQ]
What is Joox Pro APK?

Joox Pro APK is a Pro version of the original Joox music streaming application. This version typically offers premium features for free, such as unlimited skips, ad-free experience, and high-quality streaming.

How is Joox Pro APK different from the standard Joox app?

The primary difference is that the Pro version offers premium features without any subscription costs. However, it's unofficial and might not receive regular updates like the official app.

Can I download songs offline with Joox Pro APK?

Yes, one of the premium features typically available in the Pro version is the ability to download songs for offline listening.

How do I install Joox Pro APK?

You'll need to download the APK file from a trusted source, then open it on your device. Ensure you've allowed installations from unknown sources in your device settings. Once you've done that, you can install the app like any other APK.

Is the sound quality in Joox Pro APK as good as the official app?

Typically, the Pro version offers the same high-quality streaming as the premium version of the official app. However, experiences might vary based on the specific Pro and its source.

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