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Name Freespoke
Category Tools
Compatible with Android 4.2+
Last version 2.1.2
Size 247 MB
Developer Freespoke
Price Free
Google Play Link com.freespoke
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Freespoke is introduced as a new search engine that offers users an alternative to existing platforms like Google. It’s associated with Todd Ricketts, who is known for his political activism and aims to provide a platform for unbiased and balanced search results​​. Some unique features of Freespoke include a labeling system for news-search results indicating the political slant as “left,” “middle,” or “right,” among other tags like “pro-China” being tested to help users better understand the perspective from which the stories are being told​.

In terms of its operation, Freespoke has an accompanying application for a better user experience, and it displays real-time news coverage and offers a platform to shop for American-made and veteran-owned brands and products​. This search engine appears to be positioning itself as a tool for those seeking an uncensored, unbiased web search experience and is part of a broader discussion concerning search engine neutrality and the role of big tech companies in information dissemination.

What is a Freespoke App?

The Freespoke app is a platform that provides uncensored and unbiased web search experiences. It showcases a variety of perspectives on news and offers a shopping section dedicated to 100% American-made brands and products. The app emphasizes user privacy, anonymizing every search, and promoting free speech by providing access to information often censored by mainstream platforms​.

Features of Freespoke APK

Media Bias Labeling

Frees poke labels media bias, delivering news from across the spectrum. This allows users to quickly see all the perspectives delivering the stories, whether it’s in topics they search for or in their trending news feed.

Support for American-Made and Veteran-Owned Brands

Freespoke makes it easier for users to find American-made and Veteran-Owned brands and products when they start their shopping search.

Privacy Protection

Every search made on Frees poke is entirely anonymous unless users opt into personalization. Even then, the data is only used to enhance the user experience and not for selling purposes.

Fuller Search Results

The Freespoke technology platform provides a comprehensive set of results when users search for news, information, or shop, allowing them to draw their own conclusions and make informed decisions.

Respect for User Privacy

Freespoke is designed with user privacy in mind. They do everything possible to not collect any data about the user. All searches are 100% anonymous.

Labeling Media Bias

Freespoke helps users navigate the news by labeling and surfacing media sources from different perspectives.

Privacy-Centric Search

Unlike other search engines that build detailed profiles of users, Freespoke doesn’t track or analyze user search behavior.

Broader Shopping Results

Freespoke provides high-quality, American-made, and Veteran-owned brands and products for users to choose from without tracking their previous searches.


Freespoke operates with a set of principles, ensuring that user searches remain anonymous and that they don’t display obscene results.

Pros & Cons


  • Privacy-Centric: Upholds user privacy by keeping searches anonymous.
  • Diverse Viewpoints: Provides a variety of perspectives on news topics.
  • Access to Censored Stories: Unveils stories often overlooked by mainstream platforms.


Limited Reviews: Being relatively new, it lacks extensive user reviews and feedback.
Potential Bias Labeling Concerns: The labeling of biases could potentially be subjective or inconsistent.
Limited Shopping Options: The Shop USA feature may limit global shopping options.

Download Freespoke For Android
Download Now [247 MB]


Freespoke marks a step towards diversifying the digital search landscape by offering an alternative platform focused on unbiased information and user privacy. It caters to individuals seeking various viewpoints on news and a platform for American-made products. However, its full potential and user acceptance remain under evaluation due to its recent entry into the market. As user feedback and reviews accumulate over time, Freespoke’s impact on promoting unfiltered information access and its position among other established search engines will become clearer.

People Also Ask [FAQ]
Is Freespoke app free?

Yes, the Freespoke app is free to download and use.

How does Freespoke ensure unbiased search results?

Freespoke labels biases in news coverage and provides diverse viewpoints.

What makes Freespoke different from other search engines?

It emphasizes uncensored access to information and user privacy.

Can I access global news on Freespoke?

Yes, Freespoke provides news coverage from various perspectives.

Is there a desktop version for Freespoke?

Yes, Freespoke is available as a search engine which can be accessed via desktop browsers.

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