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Name StayFree
Category Productivity
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 13.2.0
Size 26 MB
Developer StayFree Apps
Price Free
Google Play Link com.burockgames.timeclocker
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In an era where digital devices have become extensions of ourselves, managing screen time has emerged as a pressing concern for many. The “StayFree – Screen Time & Limit App” serves as a robust solution to this modern-day challenge. This intuitive application empowers users to gain insights into their digital habits, helping them foster healthier screen time routines.

StayFree provides a comprehensive overview of your device usage, detailing the time spent on different applications. It’s an instrumental tool for those looking to strike a balance between the digital and physical world. The app offers features like app usage limits and reminders, which act as gentle nudges towards achieving your digital wellness goals.

In a bid to promote a healthier digital lifestyle, StayFree presents a sleek, user-friendly interface making it easy for individuals to navigate through their screen time statistics. Whether you are a self-improvement enthusiast or a concerned parent, StayFree serves as your ally in navigating the digital sphere responsibly.

Features of StayFree app

The StayFree app is designed to provide users with a comprehensive insight into their digital habits, enabling them to manage and reduce their screen time efficiently. Here are some notable features of the StayFree app:

Usage History:

The app provides statistics on daily app and website usage, enabling users to view charts and statistics of their usage history​.

Over-use Reminder:

StayFree notifies users when they are spending too much time on a particular app, urging them to start their digital detox journey.

Block Mode:

This feature allows temporary blocking of any app or website that is being overused, aiding in reducing distractions​.

Focus Mode:

Users can create schedules to block distracting apps, promoting a focused working environment​​.

Cross-platform Functionality:

StayFree is multi-platform, making it accessible across various devices​​.

Usage Limits:

Users can set usage limits for their apps and receive alerts when these limits are exceeded, promoting self-control and productivity​.

Sleep Mode:

A feature to help users unwind before bed by managing notifications and alerts​​.

Pros & Cons


Comprehensive Usage Insights:

  • StayFree provides detailed statistics and charts on daily app and website usage, enabling users to understand their digital habits thoroughly.

Customizable Usage Limits:

  • Users can set personalized usage limits for different apps, helping in maintaining a balanced digital lifestyle.

Blocking and Focus Features:

  • The app’s Block and Focus modes are instrumental in reducing distractions and improving productivity by temporarily blocking overused apps or scheduling distraction-free times.

Cross-platform Availability:

  • Being a cross-platform app, StayFree can be used on various devices, providing a unified experience.

Over-use Reminder:

  • Timely reminders for overuse help users in initiating their digital detox journey, fostering a more mindful approach to screen time.

User-Friendly Interface:

  • The intuitive and sleek interface makes navigating through the app’s features and understanding usage statistics straightforward.


Learning Curve:

  • Some users might find it takes a bit of time to fully understand and effectively utilize all the features offered by StayFree.

Potential Privacy Concerns:

  • As with any app that tracks usage data, there could be concerns regarding data privacy and how the collected data is handled.

Notification Overload:

  • The overuse reminders, while helpful, might become bothersome for some users if they receive too many notifications, especially if they are struggling to reduce their screen time.

Potential Battery Drain:

  • Continuous tracking of app usage might lead to increased battery consumption, which could be a drawback for users with devices that have lower battery life.

Premium Features Restriction:

  • Some of the more advanced features might require a premium subscription, which could be a barrier for users on a tight budget.
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In an increasingly digital-centric world, managing screen time and cultivating mindful device usage habits are imperative for maintaining a balanced lifestyle. The StayFree – Screen Time & Limit App emerges as a strong ally in this endeavor. Its comprehensive suite of features such as usage history, blocking mode, and over-use reminders, among others, provide users with the necessary tools to analyze, control, and reduce their screen time effectively.

The app’s user-friendly interface and cross-platform availability enhance its accessibility, making it a convenient choice for individuals across different devices. Moreover, the customizable usage limits and focus mode are particularly beneficial for those striving to enhance their productivity and minimize distractions.

People Also Ask [FAQ]
What is the StayFree app?

StayFree is a mobile application designed to help users manage and reduce their screen time by providing insights into their digital habits. It offers various features like app usage tracking, setting usage limits, block mode, and focus mode to promote digital wellness and productivity.

Is StayFree available on both Android and iOS platforms?

Yes, StayFree is a cross-platform application available for download on both Android and iOS devices. It provides a unified experience across different devices to help users manage their screen time effectively.

Can I set daily usage limits for different apps using StayFree?

Yes, with StayFree, you can set personalized daily usage limits for different apps. Once the set limit is reached, the app will notify you, aiding in better management of your screen time.

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