Nova Launcher APK

smrana | Last Update: November 2, 2023

Name Nova Launcher
Category Personalization
Compatible with Android 8.0+
Last version 8.0.8
Size 11 MB
Developer Nova Launcher
Price Free
Google Play Link com.teslacoilsw.launcher
Nova Launcher
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Nova Launcher APK is a highly customizable home screen replacement for Android devices, renowned for its flexibility, performance, and user-friendly interface. Developed by TeslaCoil Software, it has been a mainstay in the Android customization community for many years. Nova Launcher APK allows users to tailor their home screen layout, icon appearance, and overall system aesthetics to their liking, offering a range of features from simple modifications to intricate gesture controls.

Its ability to work seamlessly with thousands of icon packs and themes makes it a favorite among users looking to personalize their device experience beyond the limitations of stock Android or manufacturer skins. With a commitment to regular updates and new features, Nova Launcher continues to be a top choice for Android enthusiasts seeking to enhance their device’s functionality and visual appeal.

Features of Nova Launcher APK

Nova Launcher is renowned for its extensive range of features that cater to Android users seeking to personalize their device’s interface. Some of the key features include:

Customizable Icons and Layouts:

Users can change the size, style, and layout of their app icons. They can also use icon packs to completely change the look of their home screen.

App Drawer Customization:

Nova Launcher allows for extensive customization of the app drawer, including horizontal or vertical scrolling, custom tabs, and folders.

Gesture Controls:

Users can assign various gestures to perform specific actions, like swiping up to open an app or pinching the screen to access settings.

Improved Widget Drawer:

Widgets are organized and accessible in a more streamlined manner, making it easier to find and deploy them on the home screen.

Subgrid Positioning:

Unlike many stock launchers, Nova Launcher allows for more precise control over the grid on your home screen, letting you place icons and widgets in between grid cells.

Backup and Restore:

Users can back up their Nova Launcher layout and settings, allowing them to restore it quickly when switching devices or after a reset.

Hide Apps:

For a cleaner app drawer, users can choose to hide apps that they don’t use or want visible.

Color Controls:

Nova Launcher lets users change the color scheme of the launcher, including labels, folders, unread badges, drawer tabs, and backgrounds.

Customizable App Drawer Groups:

Users can create new tabs or folders in the app drawer for better organization.


Nova Launcher is optimized for smooth and speedy performance, making for a fluid user experience.

Night Mode and Dark Theme:

These features allow users to automatically or manually switch to a darker theme based on the time of day.

Scrollable Dock:

Users can have multiple docks and scroll between them.

Backup and restore:

Transitioning to a new phone often feels like a lengthy and daunting task, largely due to concerns about data loss. Yet, with this application, the ordeal is simplified. Users can swiftly transfer files in mere minutes, courtesy of the effortless restoration capabilities that Nova offers.

How to install Nova Launcher APK?

Installing an app is a breeze, provided you pay attention to the details to sidestep any hiccups along the way:

  • Kick things off by hitting the download link. Patience is key here, as the download time hinges on your internet’s pace.
  • Next, take a detour to your phone’s settings menu. Hunt for the ‘Security’ option and give a green light to ‘Unknown Sources.’
  • Once the download wraps up, a prompt to install will pop up. Tap it to seal the deal.
  • Voilà! You’re all set to ramp up your phone’s capabilities. Enjoy the upgrade!

Pros & Cons


  • High Customizability: Nova Launcher offers an unparalleled level of customization, allowing users to tailor almost every aspect of their home screen and app drawer.
  • Improved Functionality: With gesture controls, subgrid positioning, and a more organized widget drawer, Nova Launcher enhances the overall functionality of your device.
  • Aesthetic Flexibility: The ability to change icon packs, color schemes, and layout gives users complete control over the aesthetic of their interface.
  • Backup and Restore: The option to backup and restore layouts and settings makes transitioning between devices or recovering from a reset hassle-free.
  • Smooth Performance: Despite its extensive feature set, Nova Launcher is known for its smooth and responsive performance.
  • Frequent Updates: The app is regularly updated with new features and bug fixes, ensuring a continually improving experience.


  • Learning Curve: With so many features and settings, new users may find Nova Launcher overwhelming at first.
  • Battery Usage: While it’s generally efficient, the additional features and customizations can lead to increased battery consumption compared to simpler launchers.
  • Potential Security Risks: Downloading the APK from unverified sources can pose security risks, as the file may be tampered with or include malware.
  • Compatibility Issues: Some features may not work as intended on all devices, especially older or less common models.
  • Paid Features: While Nova Launcher offers a free version, some of its most attractive features are locked behind the paid Prime version.
Download Nova Launcher For Android
Download Now [11 MB]


In conclusion, Nova Launcher stands out as a highly versatile and customizable launcher for Android users who crave a personalized touch to their device’s interface. Its rich array of features, from intricate aesthetic controls to functional enhancements, caters to a broad spectrum of preferences, allowing for a tailored user experience.

However, while it elevates the usability and visual appeal of Android devices, it’s important to navigate the learning curve and be mindful of potential battery usage and security risks, especially when downloading APKs from unofficial sources. Ultimately, for those seeking a launcher that breaks the mold of conventional Android interfaces, Nova Launcher is a robust and dynamic option, provided users are willing to invest a little time and potentially money (for the Prime version) into customizing their digital space.

People Also Ask [FAQ]
What is Nova Launcher?

Nova Launcher is a highly customizable home screen replacement app for Android devices, allowing users to personalize their device's interface with a variety of features and settings.

Is Nova Launcher free?

Nova Launcher offers a free version with many customization options. However, there is also a paid version called Nova Launcher Prime that unlocks additional features.

How do I download Nova Launcher?

Nova Launcher can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Alternatively, you can download the APK file from a reputable source and install it manually.

Can I backup and restore my Nova Launcher setup?

Yes, Nova Launcher allows users to backup their layout and settings, which can be restored on the same device or transferred to a new one.

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