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Name Yuka
Category Health & Fitness
Compatible with Android 4.2+
Last version 4.32.2
Size 132 MB
Developer Yuka App
Price Free
Google Play Link o.yuka.android
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Yuka is an application designed to evaluate the health impact of various products by scanning their ingredients. It’s utilized by over 40 million users to decipher the ingredients in food, beauty, and personal care products, providing a clear understanding of their impact on health through a simple color-coded system. The app evaluates products based on criteria like nutritional value and additives, offering objective evaluations and recommendations for healthier alternatives.

What is Yuka APK – Food & Cosmetic Scan?

Yuka is an app that scans and evaluates food, beauty, and personal care products based on their ingredients, aiding users in understanding the products’ health impacts. It employs a color-coded system to indicate a product’s health rating and provides recommendations for healthier alternatives if a product receives a negative grade. Yuka APK prides itself on being 100% independent, ensuring objective evaluations without brand or manufacturer influence

Features of Yuka APK

Product Scanning and Analysis:

Yuka allows users to scan the barcodes of food and cosmetic products to receive an instant analysis of the product’s health impact. The app evaluates products based on their nutritional quality, presence of harmful additives, and organic nature.

Health Ratings:

Products are rated on a color-coded scale from green (excellent) to red (poor), making it easy for users to assess the healthiness of a product at a glance. Food products are analyzed based on their nutritional value, taking into account factors like sugar, salt, saturated fat, and fiber content, among others.

Additive Details:

Yuka provides detailed information about the additives found in food and cosmetic products, including their origins, uses, and any known health risks associated with them.

Alternative Recommendations:

If a scanned product receives a low health rating, Yuka suggests healthier alternatives to help users make better choices. These recommendations are personalized and aim to guide users towards products that are better for their health.

Personalized Preferences:

Users can set their dietary preferences and allergies in the app, ensuring that the product recommendations and warnings are tailored to their specific health needs and concerns.

Offline Mode:

Yuka’s database can be accessed offline, allowing users to scan and evaluate products even when they don’t have an internet connection.

Independent and Transparent:

Yuka prides itself on being an independent app that is not affiliated with any brands or manufacturers. The app’s evaluations are based on scientific data, ensuring unbiased and transparent product assessments.

User-Friendly Interface:

The app is designed with a simple, intuitive interface, making it easy for users of all ages and tech-savviness levels to navigate and understand the information provided.

Extensive Database:

Yuka boasts a vast database of food and cosmetic products, constantly updated to include new products and reflect the latest health research.

Contribution to Community:

Users can contribute to the Yuka community by adding new products to the database, enhancing the app’s comprehensiveness and accuracy.

Pros & Cons


  • Educational: Helps users understand ingredient impact on health.
  • Objective Evaluations: Independent from brand influences.
  • Healthier Alternatives: Provides suggestions for better products.
  • Large Database: Covers a wide range of products.


  • Database Limitations: May not have every product.
  • Accuracy Concerns: Evaluations based on general criteria, which might not cater to individual health needs.
  • Ease of Use: Might require a learning curve for some users to understand the color-coded system and other features.
Download Yuka For Android
Download Now [132 MB]


Yuka serves as a helpful tool in promoting informed choices about food and personal care products by deciphering ingredients and providing health impact evaluations. Its independence ensures unbiased evaluations, while its recommendation feature aids in discovering healthier alternatives. However, its database might not cover all products, and the general evaluation criteria may not cater to individual health conditions. Despite these limitations, Yuka can be a valuable asset for those looking to make more health-conscious purchasing decisions.

People Also Ask [FAQ]
What products can Yuka evaluate?

Yuka can evaluate food, beauty, and personal care products.

How does Yuka rate products?

Products are rated based on their nutritional value, additives, and organic dimension using a color-coded system.

Is Yuka a free app?

Yuka offers free access with essential features, though there might be additional features available for a fee.

How does Yuka maintain its independence?

Yuka is 100% independent, not allowing brand or manufacturer influence on product evaluations.

What do I do if a product is not in Yuka's database?

Yuka's database is extensive, but if a product is missing, users may have to refer to other sources for information.

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