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Name myPhonak
Category Medical
Compatible with Android 4.2+
Last version 6.5.1
Size 108 MB
Developer Sonova AG
Price Free
Google Play Link com.sonova.phonak.dsapp
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Discover the enhanced myPhonak, a harmonious blend of improved functionality and a fresh design that aims to deliver a hearing experience tailored precisely to your unique requirements. With myPhonak, you gain access to a suite of upgraded hearing controls and personalization features for your Phonak hearing aids, all while keeping tabs on your well-being.

Our Remote Control feature simplifies the process of fine-tuning your hearing aids to align seamlessly with your individual preferences across diverse listening scenarios. Effortlessly tweak volume levels and harness various hearing aid capabilities, such as noise reduction and microphone directionality, or opt for predefined programs tailored to specific listening environments.

Moreover, you can swiftly customize sound pitch using the equalizer presets (including default, comfort, clarity, softer, etc.) for instant adjustments, or delve into the minutiae of your preferences using the intuitive sliders for bass, middle, and treble frequencies.

What is myPhonak App?

myPhonak app is a smartphone application developed by Phonak, a leading manufacturer of hearing aids and related hearing technology. The app is designed to work in conjunction with Phonak hearing aids to provide users with enhanced control and customization of their hearing experience.

Features of myPhonak App

Hearing Aid Control

The myPhonak app allows users to adjust various settings on their Phonak hearing aids, such as volume, program selection, and speech focus. Users can customize these settings to suit different listening environments and personal preferences.

Streaming and Connectivity

Users can stream audio from their smartphones or other Bluetooth-enabled devices directly to their Phonak hearing aids. This feature enhances the listening experience for phone calls, music, podcasts, and more.

Remote Support

Some versions of the myPhonak app offer remote support capabilities. Users can connect with their hearing care professionals for virtual adjustments, fine-tuning, and troubleshooting without the need for an in-person visit.

Battery Status Monitoring

The app provides real-time information about the battery status of Phonak hearing aids. This feature helps users keep track of their hearing aid battery levels and ensures they are aware of when it’s time to replace batteries.

Personalized Sound

Users can fine-tune their hearing aids’ sound quality to match their preferences. This may include adjusting bass and treble levels, speech clarity, and noise reduction settings.

Multiple Program Options

The app allows users to switch between different hearing aid programs designed for various listening situations, such as quiet environments, noisy restaurants, or outdoor settings.

Tinnitus Management

For individuals experiencing tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in the ears), the myPhonak app may offer tinnitus relief features. This includes providing access to sound therapy options designed to alleviate tinnitus symptoms.

Data Logging

The app typically collects data on the user’s listening habits. This information can be valuable for both users and hearing care professionals in optimizing the hearing experience and making informed adjustments.

Find My Hearing Aids

Some versions of the app include a “Find My Hearing Aids” feature, which helps users locate their misplaced hearing aids within Bluetooth range.

Wireless Accessories Integration

The myPhonak app may also enable users to control and adjust settings for compatible Phonak wireless accessories, such as remote microphones and TV connectors.

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In conclusion, the myPhonak app stands as a remarkable companion for individuals seeking a more personalized and empowering hearing experience. With its array of features and functionalities, myPhonak goes beyond the conventional realm of hearing aids, putting control and customization right at your fingertips.

Whether you desire seamless connectivity, fine-tuned sound quality, or remote support from your hearing care professional, myPhonak caters to your individual needs. It transforms the way you engage with the auditory world, allowing you to savor the beauty of sound in every moment.

People Also Ask [FAQ]
What is the myPhonak app?

The myPhonak app is a smartphone application developed by Phonak to enhance the functionality and control of Phonak hearing aids. It allows users to adjust settings, stream audio, and personalize their hearing experience.

How do I download the myPhonak app?

You can download the myPhonak app for free from your device's app store. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Which Phonak hearing aids are compatible with the myPhonak app?

The compatibility of the myPhonak app may vary depending on the specific model and generation of Phonak hearing aids. Check the Phonak website or consult your hearing care professional for a list of compatible devices.

What can I control with the myPhonak app?

The myPhonak app allows you to control various aspects of your Phonak hearing aids, including volume, program selection, and sound quality adjustments. You can also stream audio from your smartphone directly to your hearing aids.

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