AppLock APK

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Name AppLock
Category Tools
Compatible with Android 4.4+
Last version 5.7.6
Size 32.7 MB
Developer DoMobile Lab
Price Free
Google Play Link com.domobile.applockwatcher
AppLock APK
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Securing personal and sensitive information on mobile devices is a top priority in our digitally driven world. AppLock APK emerges as a robust solution, offering users an extra layer of security to protect their data. Developed by DoMobile, this application is designed to lock specific apps, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access them.

Whether it’s a photo gallery, social media apps, or financial tools, AppLock APK ensures that your private information remains just that private. With a user-friendly interface and a host of features, it stands as a formidable ally in the ongoing battle for digital privacy and security.

What is AppLock APK?

AppLock APK is the installation file for the AppLock application, specifically designed for Android devices. The term “APK” stands for Android Package Kit, which is the file format used by the Android operating system for the distribution and installation of mobile apps. AppLock, developed by DoMobile, is a popular security application that allows users to lock specific apps on their devices.

This ensures that only authorized individuals can access those apps, providing an added layer of protection for personal and sensitive information. Whether you want to secure your photo gallery, messaging apps, or financial tools, AppLock offers the capability to keep them private and shield them from unauthorized access.

Features of AppLock APK

  • App Protection: Users can lock almost any app on their device, from social media platforms to banking apps, ensuring they remain inaccessible without the correct password or pattern.
  • Photo Vault: A dedicated space to secure your photos, ensuring they remain private and hidden from the main gallery.
  • Video Vault: Similar to the Photo Vault, this feature allows users to hide their videos, ensuring they’re kept away from prying eyes.
  • Intruder Selfie: If someone tries to access a locked app and fails multiple times, AppLock will automatically take a selfie of the intruder, providing evidence of the attempted breach.
  • Customizable Profiles: Users can set up different locking profiles for various scenarios, such as home, work, or outings, allowing for flexible security settings.
  • Time Lock: This feature enables users to set locks based on specific times of the day. For instance, certain apps can be locked during work hours and unlocked in the evening.
  • Location Lock: With this feature, apps can be locked or unlocked based on the user’s geographical location.
  • Hidden Icon: Users can hide the AppLock APK icon from their app drawer, making it even more discreet and preventing others from knowing that apps are locked.
  • Random Keyboard: To prevent password guessing, AppLock APK offers a random keyboard feature, ensuring the password pattern is different every time.
  • Lock Settings: Beyond just apps, users can also lock specific device settings, preventing unauthorized changes.
  • Short Exit: Temporarily exit the AppLock App without needing to unlock it again within a set time frame.
  • Power-saving Mode: AppLock APK is optimized to consume minimal battery, ensuring your device’s longevity isn’t compromised.

AppLock Pro APK Free Download

AppLock PRO APK elevates the standard AppLock PRO APK experience. With this enhanced version, tasks and requirements become a breeze to complete. While typically, one might invest significant time or money to reap the rewards, the AppLock PRO APK fast-tracks your achievements. It’s your secret weapon to gain an edge over competitors. Currently, on ApkChowa, you can grab the AppLock PRO APK v5.7.6 at no cost, ensuring a hassle-free and confident user experience.

Pros & Cons


  • Versatile: Lock almost any app on your device.
  • User-Friendly: The intuitive interface makes it easy to use.
  • Additional Security Features: Intruder selfie, time lock, and location lock add extra layers of protection.


  • Potential Privacy Concerns: As with any app that requires access to other apps, there’s always a risk of data misuse.
  • Performance Issues: Some users might experience slight lag or performance drops.
  • Ad-supported: The free version comes with ads, which can be intrusive for some users.
Download AppLock For Android
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AppLock APK provides an efficient solution for those looking to enhance the security of their mobile devices. With its plethora of features and user-friendly interface, it’s no wonder that it’s a favorite among Android users. However, as with any app, it’s essential to download it from trusted sources and be aware of its permissions. Ultimately, the AppLock App serves as a valuable tool in the quest for digital privacy and security.

People Also Ask [FAQ]
Is AppLock APK safe to download from third-party websites?

While the Google Play Store is generally the safest source, if you choose to download from a third-party site, ensure it's reputable and scan the APK for malware before installation.

Can I lock all apps on my device using AppLock?

Yes, AppLock allows you to lock almost any app on your device.

What if I forget my AppLock password?

While AppLock does run in the background, it's optimized to ensure minimal battery consumption.

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