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Name myABL
Category Finance
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version 4.0.36
Size 290
Developer Allied Bank Limited
Price Free
Google Play Link
5/5 - (1 vote)
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The myABL APK is the Android package file for the myABL mobile application provided by Allied Bank Limited. This APK allows Android users to install the myABL mobile app on their devices. The app aims to simplify the banking experience for its users, encapsulating various features to manage finances, make transactions, and more as a part of Allied Bank’s digital banking solution. Version 4.0.34 of the myABL APK was updated on February 04, 2024, and is categorized under Finance on the APK download page​​.

The process to install the myABL APK on an Android device involves downloading the APK file, tapping on the file (myABL.apk), and following the on-screen instructions to complete the installation​​. Through the myABL app, users can carry out a multitude of banking tasks such as funds transfers, bill payments, ticket bookings, and more, right from their Android devices.

What is myABL APK?

myABL is a digital banking platform provided by Allied Bank Limited, aimed at delivering a secure, reliable, and efficient banking experience to its customers. It is designed to cater to both individual retail customers and business-oriented clients through two distinct applications: myABL for individual accountholders, and myABL Business for corporate and institutional customers​.

Features of myABL APK

The myABL APK, which is the Android package for the myABL mobile application, comes packed with a variety of features aimed at simplifying and enhancing the banking experience for Allied Bank’s customers. Here are some of the notable features that users can access through the myABL APK:

Voice-Assisted Banking:

Execute funds transfers, account inquiries, and check credit card balances using voice commands, with enhanced functionality for iPhone users through Siri integration​.

Personal Finance Management:

Effectively manage and track personal finances to meet financial goals​​.

Debit Card Management:

Manage your debit card settings including activation, PIN generation and change, temporary blocking and unblocking, and enabling international and e-commerce use​​.

Payments and Transfers:

A comprehensive suite of payment and transfer services like utility bill payments, credit card payments, funds transfers, government payments, and more​​.

Ticketing Services:

Conveniently book tickets for buses, movies, and events​​.

Shopping and Investment Services:

Engage in internet shopping, make insurance and investment payments, and manage ABL AMC Mutual Fund Investments​​.

Account Management:

Perform tasks such as account linking/delinking, default account setup, viewing transaction history, and more for comprehensive account management​​.

Biometric Login:

Securely log in using biometric authentication like Touch ID or Face ID for iPhone users​.

Alerts & Notifications:

Stay updated with account activity through timely alerts and notifications​​.

Interactive Features:

Access features like Allied Live Chat, Discount Offers, and locate Allied Bank branches and ATMs​​.

PayDay Finance Loan:

Access to short-term loan facilities through the PayDay Finance Loan feature​​.

QR Code Payments:

Make payments easily using Mastercard QR Scan & Pay, and Golootlo QR Scan for discounts​.

Pros & Cons


  • Wide Range of Features: The myABL APK provides a comprehensive set of banking and financial management features that cater to a variety of user needs, from funds transfers to investment management​​.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The app is designed with a user-friendly interface, aiming to simplify the banking experience for its users​​.
  • Secure Authentication: Biometric login features like Touch ID or Face ID for iPhone users, enhance the security of the app, ensuring a secure and personalized banking experience​​.
  • Accessibility: The APK format makes it relatively easy to download and install the app on Android devices, providing a flexible and convenient way to access banking services on the go​.
  • Voice-Assisted Banking: The voice-assisted banking feature is innovative and facilitates a hands-free banking experience, especially beneficial for users who prefer voice commands​​.


  • Mixed User Reviews: The app has received mixed reviews, with some users facing issues like login problems and slow OTP delivery, indicating that there might be areas of improvement in terms of user experience​.
  • Platform Limitations: Some features like voice-assisted banking using Siri and biometric login with Face ID are geared towards iPhone users, which may limit the usability of these features for Android users​.
  • App Performance: Some users have reported issues related to app performance which could affect the overall user satisfaction and trust in the app​​.
  • App Updates: There may be a need for frequent updates to address bugs or enhance features, which could be inconvenient for some users​.
  • Size of the APK: The APK file size is relatively large (290 MB), which might be a concern for users with limited storage space on their devices​.
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The myABL APK serves as a digital doorway to the extensive banking services offered by Allied Bank Limited, bringing convenience, accessibility, and a modern banking experience to its users. With its user-friendly interface and a plethora of features encompassing payments, account management, and financial planning, it offers a comprehensive tool for managing one’s financial affairs adeptly.

The inclusion of innovative features like voice-assisted banking and secure biometric login highlights the app’s stride towards modernization and enhanced user security. However, the mixed user reviews and reported performance issues indicate areas that require attention to improve user satisfaction and the overall functionality of the app. The platform-specific features for iPhone users also suggest a potential area of expansion to ensure Android users enjoy the same level of functionality and convenience.

People Also Ask [FAQ]
What is myABL APK?

myABL APK is the Android Package file for the myABL mobile application by Allied Bank Limited, allowing Android users to install and use the app for their banking needs.

Where can I download the latest version of myABL APK?

The latest version of myABL APK can be downloaded from reputable APK hosting sites or the official website of Allied Bank Limited.

Is the myABL APK safe to download and use?

It's advisable to download the APK from reputable or official sources to ensure its safety. Allied Bank Limited is a reputable institution, and the app is designed with security features like biometric login.

What are the main features of the myABL APK?

The myABL APK offers a range of features including voice-assisted banking, personal finance management, debit card management, payments and transfers, ticketing services, shopping and investment services, and account management among others.

Is there any cost associated with downloading or using the myABL APK?

The myABL app is free to download and register, however, standard banking fees and charges may apply for various transactions carried out within the app.

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