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Name MX TakaTak
Category Social
Compatible with Android 5+
Last version 2023.14.7
Size 130.33 Mb
Developer MX Media (formerly J2 Interactive)
Price Free
Google Play Link
MX TakaTak
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MX TakaTak is a groundbreaking and exhilarating short video platform that has taken the digital entertainment world by storm. In the era of fast-paced content consumption and creativity on the go, MX TakaTak has emerged as a popular destination for users to unleash their artistic talents and share their stories with the world.

This mobile application, known as the MX TakaTak APK, offers a vibrant and diverse ecosystem where users can create, explore, and engage with an array of entertaining and informative videos. Whether you’re an aspiring content creator, a fan of trending challenges, or simply seeking a quick dose of entertainment, MX TakaTak APK provides an immersive experience that brings the power of video creation and consumption right to your fingertips.

What is MX TakaTak APK

MX TakaTak is a short video platform and mobile application that gained significant popularity in India and other countries as an alternative to TikTok. It offers a social media platform for users to create, share, and discover short video content. The app provides a wide range of creative tools, filters, and effects that allow users to produce engaging videos, lip-sync to music, participate in trending challenges, and share their talent and creativity with a global audience.

MX TakaTak has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for content creators to edit and enhance their videos. It also has a social aspect, where users can follow their favorite creators, like, comment on, and share videos, and interact with the community.

Features of MX TakaTak APK

Video Creation Tools

MX TakaTak provided users with various video editing tools, including filters, effects, transitions, and text overlays. These tools allowed content creators to enhance the visual appeal of their videos.

Music Library

Users could access a vast library of music tracks and sound effects to use in their videos. This feature enabled users to create lip-sync and dance videos to their favorite songs.

Trending Challenges

MX TakaTak regularly featured trending challenges and hashtags that users could participate in. This encouraged creativity and engagement within the community.

Diverse Content Categories

The app offers a wide range of content categories, including comedy, dance, beauty, cooking, education, and more, making it suitable for a variety of interests.

Live Streaming

Content creators had the option to livestream their videos, interact with their audience in real time, and receive virtual gifts from viewers.

User Profiles

Users could create profiles, follow their favorite creators, and engage with content through likes, comments, and shares.

Discover Feed

The app’s algorithm curated a personalized feed for users, showcasing content that aligned with their interests and preferences.

Duets and Collaborations

MX TakaTak allowed users to create duet videos with other creators or collaborate on videos, fostering a sense of community and creativity.

Video Sharing

Users could easily share their favorite videos on other social media platforms, helping content reach a broader audience.

Privacy Settings

The app offered privacy settings that allowed users to control who could view their videos and interact with their content.


Users received notifications for likes, comments, and follows, keeping them engaged with the platform.

Data Saving Mode

MX TakaTak had a data-saving mode for users who wanted to reduce their data consumption while using the app.

Pros & Cons


  • Entertainment and Creativity: MX TakaTak provides a platform for users to express their creativity, discover new talents, and engage in entertaining short video content.
  • Diverse Content: The app offers a wide range of content categories catering to various interests, including music, comedy, dance, education, and more.
  • User-Friendly: MX TakaTak has a user-friendly interface with easy-to-use video editing tools, making it accessible to both content creators and viewers.
  • Trending Challenges: The platform encourages user participation in trending challenges, fostering a sense of community and creativity.
  • Music Library: Users can access an extensive music library, allowing them to create engaging lip-sync and dance videos.
  • Social Interaction: Users can follow their favorite creators, like, comment on, and share videos, facilitating social interaction and engagement.
  • Privacy Controls: MX TakaTak offers privacy settings that allow users to control who can view their content, providing a level of security and customization.


  • Privacy Concerns: Like many social media platforms, MX TakaTak may raise privacy concerns, as users may share personal information and content publicly.
  • Content Quality: While there is a wide range of content available, not all of it may be of high quality or suitable for all audiences. Users should exercise discretion.
  • Addictiveness: Short video platforms like MX TakaTak can be addictive, potentially leading to excessive screen time and reduced productivity.
  • Copyright Issues: Users should be cautious about using copyrighted music and content in their videos, as this can lead to copyright infringement issues.
  • Data Usage: Watching and creating videos on MX TakaTak can consume a significant amount of data, which may be a concern for users with limited data plans.
  • Inappropriate Content: As with any user-generated content platform, there may be instances of inappropriate or offensive content that can negatively impact the user experience.
Download MX TakaTak For Android
Download Now [130.33 Mb]


In conclusion, MX TakaTak, as of my last knowledge update in September 2024, is a vibrant and engaging short video platform that has gained popularity for its creative and entertaining content. It offers a plethora of features that empower users to express themselves, discover new talents, and connect with a global community of creators and viewers.

The app’s diverse content categories, user-friendly interface, and personalized discovery feed make it accessible and appealing to a wide range of interests. Trending challenges and a rich music library encourage user participation and creativity, while live streaming and social interaction options foster a sense of community.

People Also Ask [FAQ]
What is MX TakaTak?

MX TakaTak is a short video platform and mobile application that allows users to create, share, and discover short video content.

How do I download MX TakaTak?

You can download MX TakaTak from your device's app store (Google Play Store for Android and Apple App Store for iOS).

Is MX TakaTak free to use?

Yes, MX TakaTak is free to download and use. However, there may be in-app purchases or premium features available.

What types of content can I find on MX TakaTak?

MX TakaTak offers a wide range of content categories, including music, comedy, dance, beauty, cooking, education, and more.

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