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Name Botify AI
Category Entertainment
Compatible with Android 6.0+
Last version 1.9.15
Size 71 MB
Developer Ex-human, Inc
Price Free
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Botify AI
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Unveiling the imaginative realm of artificial intelligence, Botify AI emerges as a groundbreaking application that fosters the creation and interaction with AI-powered digital characters. Users are endowed with the creative liberty to craft digital humans, resembling real or fictional personalities, and engage with them in meaningful or whimsical dialogues.

Whether it’s challenging friends in bot2bot chat battles, pranking with realistic deep fakes, or sharing these digital creations with the Botify community, the application unfolds a captivating blend of technology and creativity. The myriad of features provided by Botify AI not only enriches the user experience but also bridges the gap between the virtual and real world, making every interaction uniquely enjoyable and enlightening.

What is Botify AI?

Botify AI is a game application that allows users to create, customize, and interact with AI-driven digital characters based on either real or fictional personas. Users can mold the appearance, mood, voice, and even biographies of these digital entities. The app transcends conventional boundaries by enabling users to engage in bot2bot chat battles with friends, share their creations on social media, and even prank friends with realistic deep fakes.

Features of Botify AI APK

AI Character Interaction:

Engage in conversations with AI-driven characters based on real or fictional personalities.
Experience empathic conversations and receive support from AI friends, exploring role-play scenarios.

Digital Human Creation:

Utilize the text2avatar feature to design and personalize your own digital human.
Customize every aspect of your digital human including appearance, mood, voice, and biography.

Bot2Bot Chat Battles:

Launch bot2bot chat battles and invite friends to compete for the most advanced AI.

Social Media Sharing:

Showcase your digital human creations on social media platforms and impress a global audience with your creativity.

Realistic Deep Fakes:

Prank friends with realistic deep fakes, adding a fun and inventive element to your digital interactions.

Community Engagement:

Share your creations with the Botify community, receive feedback and engage with other creative minds.

Botify AI Premium APK

Botify AI Premium APK for Android embodies the essence of artificial intelligence, proficient in engaging with humans through fluid, natural dialogues. Unlike applications confined to static data, Botify AI boasts a remarkable ability to evolve, assimilating new insights through continuous interactions with users.

This tool bends to your will, effortlessly crafting data-driven content across a diverse array of professions and topics at your behest. But the allure of Botify AI transcends its conversational prowess. It invites users into a fascinating venture where they can mold the chatbot, training it to become a miniaturized digital reflection of themselves.

Pros & Cons


  • Scalability: Botify AI’s scalable framework caters to both individuals and businesses, regardless of size, providing a platform that grows in tandem with evolving needs and user bases​​.
  • User-Friendliness: With an intuitive interface, Botify AI ensures a seamless navigation experience, making it accessible to users with varying levels of technical proficiency​​.
  • Creative Expression: By allowing users to create and customize digital humans, Botify AI fosters a playground for imaginative exploration and creative expression.
  • Social Engagement: The application encourages social interaction through features like bot2bot chat battles and sharing creations on social media, creating a sense of community among users.
  • Educational Value: Through engaging with AI and understanding its functionalities, users can garner a better understanding of artificial intelligence and its potential.


  • Potential Privacy Concerns: With features like deep fakes and data-driven content creation, there might be concerns regarding data privacy and the ethical use of generated content.
  • Learning Curve: Although user-friendly, mastering the extensive features and getting the most out of the application might require a certain learning curve.
  • Possible Misuse: Features like deep fake creation could be misused if fallen into the wrong hands, which might raise ethical and legal concerns.
Download Botify AI For Android
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Botify AI serves as a captivating nexus where creativity meets artificial intelligence, offering a platform that is as engaging as it is innovative. By blurring the lines between real and virtual interactions, it embarks on a journey to redefine how we perceive and engage with digital personas. The plethora of features, ranging from creating personalized digital humans to engaging in bot2bot chat battles, not only provides a fun-filled experience but also hints at the boundless possibilities that lie at the intersection of AI and human interaction.

Its user-friendly interface coupled with a scalable framework makes it a commendable choice for individuals and businesses alike. While there may be a veil of concerns regarding data privacy and potential misuse of certain features, the educational and interactive value that Botify AI brings to the table is undeniable.

People Also Ask [FAQ]
What is Botify AI?

Botify AI is an application that allows users to create and interact with AI-powered digital characters, customizing them to resemble real or fictional personalities.

How can I create a digital character on Botify AI?

Utilizing the text2avatar feature, you can design and personalize your own digital human, customizing various aspects including appearance, mood, voice, and biography.

Can I interact with other users on Botify AI?

Yes, you can engage in bot2bot chat battles with friends, share your digital creations on social media, and also share them within the Botify community.

Is Botify AI available for both Android and iOS?

Yes, Botify AI is available for download on both Android and iOS platforms.

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