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Name SnapEdit
Category Photography
Compatible with Android 4.2+
Last version 4.9.1
Size 31 MB
Developer SilverAI Inc
Price Free
Google Play Link
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SnapEdit, a convenient online photo editing tool powered by artificial intelligence, offers a simple and efficient way to refine images. Whether accessed via a web browser or its mobile app on iOS and Android, SnapEdit provides a suite of editing tools designed to cater to common editing needs with ease. One of its hallmark features is the one-touch object removal, which effortlessly erases unwanted elements or individuals from photos. Besides this, it provides functionalities to enhance, upscale, blur, beautify, and even restore old photographs.

The platform is also notable for its commitment to user privacy, ensuring that no copies of original or edited images are stored on their servers. With a user-friendly interface, SnapEdit simplifies the photo editing process, making it an appealing choice for those looking to quickly tidy up their images without a steep learning curve. The platform’s free cost, coupled with its robust feature set, offers a compelling alternative to more complex and pricey editing software, demonstrating a blend of accessibility and capability in photo editing.

What is SnapEdit?

SnapEdit is a user-friendly, AI-powered online photo editing platform designed to streamline the photo editing process by enabling users to effortlessly remove undesired objects or individuals from their photos, among other features. The platform is accessible via web browsers or through its mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices, thus offering flexibility to its users who can edit photos anytime, anywhere.

Features of SnapEdit

Ease of Use:

Users can easily upload photos, choose the desired editing feature, adjust, preview, and then either download the edited image or share it directly on social media platforms.

AI-powered Editing Tools:

SnapEdit employs artificial intelligence to automatically detect and remove objects or individuals from photos, enhance or upscale images, and even restore old photos. The AI can also help blurr, beautify, and remove acne from photos​.

One-touch Object Removal:

The platform boasts a one-touch object removal feature where users can effortlessly eliminate photobombers, unwanted elements, or distracting objects from their pictures​.

Additional Features:

Besides object removal, SnapEdit also provides tools to remove watermarks, erase logos, texts, or icons, eliminate skin defects like acne and wrinkles, and fix old photos by removing scratches, spots, and tears​​.

Privacy and Safety:

SnapEdit prioritizes user privacy and safety by not storing any copies of original or edited images on its platform, allowing users to edit their photos anonymously​.


It’s a completely free platform and even supports editing and downloading of high-resolution images at no cost. This provides a cost-effective solution compared to some other platforms that may charge for similar services​.

Support and Compatibility:

SnapEdit supports most web browsers today, including Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems, making it a versatile choice for a broad range of users.

Download SnapEdit For Android
Download Now [31 MB]


SnapEdit emerges as a highly accessible and user-centric solution in the crowded space of online photo editing. By leveraging artificial intelligence, it streamlines the often tedious process of photo editing, making it a breeze to remove unwanted objects, enhance image quality, and even restore old photos.

Its privacy-centric approach and no-cost accessibility further amplify its appeal, offering peace of mind and economic value to its users. Whether accessed through a browser or its intuitive mobile app, SnapEdit offers a seamless user experience, making photo editing a hassle-free task for individuals regardless of their technical expertise.

People Also Ask [FAQ]
What is SnapEdit?

SnapEdit is a free, AI-powered online photo editing platform that allows users to easily remove objects or individuals from photos, enhance or upscale images, blur, beautify, and restore old photos through its user-friendly interface.

How can I access SnapEdit?

SnapEdit can be accessed through its website on a web browser or by downloading its mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices.

How do I remove objects or people from my photos using SnapEdit?

Upload your image, choose the object removal feature, and let SnapEdit’s AI do the work. You can then preview, adjust if necessary, and download or share your edited image.

Is SnapEdit really free?

Yes, SnapEdit is completely free to use and offers editing and downloading of high-resolution images at no cost.

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