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Name Sem Parar
Category Auto & Vehicles
Compatible with Android 5.1+
Last version 2.103.1
Size 121 MB
Developer Sem Parar
Price Free
Google Play Link com.semparar.semparar.minhaconta2018
Sem Parar APK
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Sem Parar APK is a Brazilian company that specializes in providing automated toll payment and parking solutions. They offer a seamless and convenient way for drivers to pay tolls and parking fees without having to stop or wait in line. The Sem Parar system utilizes RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to automatically charge the associated fees directly to the user’s account, thereby allowing a more streamlined and expedient passage through toll booths and parking lots.

Their services are aimed at improving the overall experience for drivers, making it faster and more efficient to navigate through tolls and park in various locations. By offering an automated solution, Sem Parar contributes to reducing traffic congestion and saving time for its users. Over the years, Sem Parar has become a well-recognized brand in Brazil, synonymous with convenience and modernity in road transportation payments.

Features of Sem Parar

Sem Parar is a prominent financial service firm in Brazil, specializing in automatic payment solutions that are designed to streamline various everyday transactions. Here’s an overview of its features, as gathered from multiple sources:

Automatic Payment Solutions:

Sem Parar provides a platform for automatic payments, making it convenient for users to make transactions at various points of service without the need for manual payment processes​.

Diverse Usage:

It is widely used for toll payments, parking fees, and fuel payments across Brazil. The services extend to over 2300 parking lots, 2200 fuel stations, 750 drive-thrus, 150 car wash facilities, and all toll booths in the country​.

User Base and Transaction Volume:

With a substantial user base of over 4.5 million individuals, Sem Parar processes more than 10 billion reais in transactions, emphasizing its pivotal role in the Brazilian automatic payment ecosystem​​.

Prepaid Plans and Card Services:

The company offers prepaid plans and a company card which can be used at affiliated service points such as parking lots, filling stations, and more​​.

Mobile Application:

Sem Parar has a mobile application that offers additional functionalities like usage control, partner location services, and route tracing, among others. This app enhances the user experience by providing a convenient platform to manage their Sem Parar account and services​​.

Cashback Offer:

Users can benefit from a cashback offer where they can get up to 3% back on all refueling transactions of R$ 100 or more, provided they are carried out at accredited fuel stations. This cashback must be redeemed through the app within 60 days of the transaction​​.

Customer Support:

Besides the online platform, Sem Parar also offers customer support at its 700 physical stores where individuals can get assistance and resolve their queries​.

Corporate Solutions:

Sem Parar extends its automatic payment solutions to businesses as well, offering tailored plans for automatic toll payments, thereby meeting the unique needs of corporate clients​​.

Download Sem Parar APK

The Sem Parar APK elevates your experience from the standard Sem Parar APK, streamlining your journey towards task completion within the app. Unlike the usual route where time or financial investment is significant to reap rewards, the version accelerates your progress, often catapulting you to your objectives swiftly. It’s a stellar tool for gaining a competitive edge effortlessly. Now, presents you with the opportunity to download Sem Parar APK v2.103.1 at no cost. This free access ensures a worry-free process, allowing you to utilize the Sem Parar APK with assurance.

Download Sem Parar For Android
Download Now [121 MB]


The Sem Parar APK provides a digital avenue to streamline numerous transactional processes, notably in Brazil. It’s a solution aimed at simplifying toll, parking, and fuel payments, among others. With a robust mobile application, users can manage their transactions, find nearby partners, and even trace routes seamlessly.

The Sem Parar APK, as mentioned, appears to offer an enhanced experience, possibly speeding up task completions within the app. While the official version of Sem Parar APK offers a substantial level of convenience, the version could provide additional features or shortcuts for users. It’s essential to download APK files from reputable or official sources to ensure device security and optimal app performance.

People Also Ask [FAQ]
What is Sem Parar?

Sem Parar is an automatic payment solution provider in Brazil, offering a platform to streamline transactions for tolls, parking, fuel, and other services through a dedicated app and card.

How do I get started with Sem Parar?

You can start by choosing a suitable plan on the Sem Parar website, downloading the app, and registering your account. Once registered, you can use Sem Parar services at affiliated locations.

Where can I use Sem Parar services?

Sem Parar can be used at over 2300 parking lots, 2200 fuel stations, 750 drive-thrus, 150 car wash facilities, and all toll booths across Brazil.

How do I download the Sem Parar APK for Android?

You can download the Sem Parar APK from the official Sem Parar website or the Google Play Store to ensure a secure and reliable download.

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