Quran Majeed – القران الكريم

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Name Quran Majeed
Category Books & Reference
Compatible with Android 5.0+
Last version 6.5.2
Size 314 MB
Developer Pakdata
Price Free
Google Play Link com.pakdata.QuranMajeed
Quran Majeed
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In a world constantly buzzing with technological innovations, spirituality has found its path through digital avenues to reach the hearts of individuals. Among these digital milestones is the introduction of the Quran Majeed APK, a mobile application designed to provide a comprehensive Quranic experience to its users. The app, available on the Google Play Store, has become a bridge connecting individuals to the divine teachings of the Quran in a modern, user-friendly manner.

What is Quran Majeed APK?

The Quran Majeed APK is a mobile application that provides a robust platform for users to explore the teachings of the Quran. The app encapsulates the essence of Quranic wisdom by offering a variety of features that facilitate a deeper understanding and connection to the text. By bringing the holy book to the fingertips of millions, the Quran Majeed APK serves as a digital companion for those seeking to navigate the spiritual waters of Islam.

Features of Quran Majeed APK

Rich Textual Content:

Offers complete Quran in elegant Uth manic, Mushaf, and Indo-Pak scripts that have been proofread by a Muslim Islamic scholar (Alim)​.

Audio Recitations:

Includes multiple audio recitations by world-famous Quran reciters such as Sheikh Abdul Basit, Sheikh As Sudays & As Shraym, Mishari Rashid, Saad Al Ghamdi, Abu Bakr Shatry, and others​.

Translation and Tafsir (Exegesis):

Provides translations in various languages alongside Arabic Tafsir Ibne Kathir, Jalalayn, Saadi, and more​.

Prayer Timetable and Qibla Compass:

Contains a prayer timetable, a worldwide prayer times (Salah/Namaz) clock with Athan alarm options, and a Qibla compass to help find the Qibla direction for Salat​​.

Search Functionality:

Features a robust search function that allows users to easily search for any word in the Quran​.

Bookmarking and Notes:

Allows users to bookmark verses and make notes for future reference, along with Quranic Aya highlighting during recitation​.

Advanced Audio Options:

Provides advanced audio options to aid with memorization, including repetition of the Ayah, Surah, number of repetitions, interval, and recitation speed​.

Multilingual Support:

Supports four English translations and 45 language translations including languages like Albanian, Amazigh, Amharic, Azerbaijani, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Divehi, Dutch, French, German, and many more​​.

Additional Tools:

Includes a variety of additional tools like a Hijri Calendar, Halal Places & Masjids near you, Quran Engagement Meter, Visual Quran, Quran TV, Allah Names with audio, and a Hifz feature which includes voice recording​.

User Interface:

Offers beautiful themes (Green, Blue, Classic-Green, Night Mode, Light & Brown) for a better user experience, and supports pinch/zoom feature for changing font size​.

Background Audio Recitation Playback:

Supports background audio recitation playback during standby, enhancing the user’s experience of engaging with the Quranic content​.

Live Features:

Provides live features like Makkah and Medinah, adding to the spiritual engagement of the users.

Pros & Cons


  • User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive interface ensures a smooth user experience.
  • Comprehensive Content: It provides a wealth of content to aid in the understanding of the Quran.
  • Multilingual Support: Catering to a global audience with translations in various languages.


  • Size of the Application: The app might occupy a significant amount of storage space due to its rich content.
  • Internet Dependency: Some features may require an active internet connection which could be a drawback for users with limited connectivity.
Download Quran Majeed For Android
Download Now [314 MB]


The Quran Majeed APK emerges as a profound tool for anyone looking to delve into the spiritual realm of Islam. With a plethora of features catering to the modern-day needs of individuals, it successfully bridges the gap between traditional religious study and contemporary digital convenience. Whether you are a scholar or a curious soul, the Quran Majeed APK stands as a valuable companion in your spiritual journey.

People Also Ask [FAQ]
Is the Quran Majeed APK free to download?

Yes, it's available for free on the Google Play Store.

Does the app offer translations in multiple languages?

Yes, the app offers translations in various languages to cater to a global audience.

Can I listen to recitations offline?

Some recitations might be available offline, however, others may require an internet connection.

Is the content in the app authentic?

The app strives to provide authentic and accurate Quranic content.

Can I make notes within the app?

Yes, the app provides a feature to make notes and bookmarks for personal reference.

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