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Name PixAI.Art
Category Art & Design
Compatible with Android 5.2+
Last version 1.7.0
Size 21 MB
Developer Mewtant Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link art.pixai.pixai
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PixAI.Art is a cutting-edge platform that revolutionizes the world of art creation by seamlessly blending the power of artificial intelligence with your creative ingenuity. One of its groundbreaking features is LoRA (Learning from Reference Art), which empowers artists to transform their creative journey into an adventure of infinite possibilities. With PixAI.Art, you can craft personalized AI models based on your favorite character images and keywords, allowing you to create art that resonates deeply with your passions.

What is PixAI.Art?

PixAI.Art is an innovative platform that redefines the landscape of art creation by combining the capabilities of artificial intelligence with human creativity. At its core, PixAI.Art offers a groundbreaking feature known as LoRA (Learning from Reference Art), which allows users to harness the power of AI to generate artwork inspired by reference images and keywords. This platform empowers artists and creators to craft personalized AI models that produce art aligned with their preferences and inspirations.

With PixAI.Art, individuals can upload images of their favorite characters, scenes, or objects, along with relevant keywords that describe the desired attributes and styles. The AI then uses these reference images and keywords to train custom models, learning from visual patterns, colors, shapes, and contextual cues present in the reference images. Once trained, these AI models can generate artwork that captures the essence of the input images and keywords.

Features of PixAI.Art

Craft Masterpieces with LoRA-Powered AI

PixAI.Art’s LoRA training enables you to create art inspired by iconic styles or beloved characters. Whether you’re seeking to evoke historical artistry or envision futuristic realms, the AI magic of PixAI.Art brings your artistic vision to life.

Tailor-Made Creations

Creating personalized AI models is effortless with PixAI.Art. Upload character images and provide keywords to guide the AI in generating artwork that captures the essence of characters, scenes, and styles you cherish.

Collaborative AI Sharing

Immerse yourself in a realm of creativity by sharing and exploring countless user-trained AI art models. Collaborate with a vibrant community of creators and fuel your imagination by experimenting with various AI models.

Precision and Realism

Leveraging LoRA’s reference images, PixAI.Art enables you to achieve precision and realism in your creations. Transform your artistic dreams into high-quality visual marvels that astonish and inspire.

How to Use PixAI.Art

Collecting Reference Images

Begin LoRA training by assembling a collection of reference images that exemplify the style or attributes you wish to incorporate into your AI-generated art.

Providing Keywords

Alongside reference images, input relevant keywords that describe the desired characteristics of the images. These keywords guide the AI in understanding the style, mood, or details you want in your artwork.

Training the AI Model

PixAI.Art employs reference images and keywords to train a personalized AI model. The AI learns from visual patterns, colors, shapes, and attributes present in the reference images, as well as contextual information from the keywords.

Generating Artwork

Once the AI model is trained, use it to generate artwork that aligns with the style of the reference images. By inputting the same keywords used during training, the AI applies learned patterns to create art that matches your desired aesthetic.

Exploring Creative Possibilities

A trained LoRA model opens avenues for various creative directions. Apply the style of renowned artists to characters, transpose characters into diverse settings, or blend multiple art styles to craft something entirely unique.

Pros & Cons


  • Empower artists with AI-enhanced creativity.
  • Enables personalized art generation based on favorite characters and styles.
  • Promotes collaboration and inspiration within a community of creators.
  • Facilitates the achievement of precision and realism in artwork.


  • Artistic nuances may be challenging for AI to replicate perfectly.
  • Overreliance on AI may potentially stifle original creative thought.
Download PixAI.Art For Android
Download Now [21 MB]


PixAI.Art LoRA feature is a game-changer, propelling art creation into the future with its AI-driven capabilities. By learning from reference images and keywords, PixAI.Art empowers artists to craft personalized art that resonates with their passions. The platform encourages collaboration, precision, and innovation, offering a versatile and innovative approach to artistic expression.

People Also Ask [FAQ]
Can I use PixAI.Art for commercial purposes?

Yes, PixAI.Art allows you to utilize the AI-generated art for personal and commercial projects.

Is there a limit to the number of AI models I can create?

There is no fixed limit to the number of AI models you can train and create on PixAI.Art.

Can I modify the AI-generated artwork after it's created?

Absolutely, the generated artwork serves as a starting point, and you can further customize and modify it to suit your preferences.

Is my artwork protected on the platform?

PixAI.Art respects your intellectual property rights and provides options for sharing and collaboration while safeguarding your creations.

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