2nr Premium APK

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Name 2nr Premium
Category Communication
Compatible with Android 4.2+
Last version 2.1.11
Size 15 MB
Developer MobileLabs Sp. z o.o.
Price Free
Google Play Link pl.rs.sip.softphone.newapp
2nr Premium APK
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In an era where digital communication has become an indispensable part of daily life, having a reliable and versatile means to connect with others is crucial. The 2nr Premium APK emerges as a remarkable solution to this, offering a platform where users can acquire a virtual mobile number, opening up a realm of communication possibilities.

Whether it’s the need for a secondary number without the hassle of obtaining a new SIM card or the desire for anonymity while interacting in online marketplaces, 2nr Premium APK caters to a wide range of communication needs. This innovative application, designed for Android devices, breaks down geographical barriers and avoids the nuisance of roaming charges, making global communication more accessible and straightforward.

What is 2nr APK?

The 2nr APK stands for Second Number, which is an application designed to provide users with a virtual mobile number. This application allows users to send and receive SMS, as well as make and receive calls globally without the need for a new SIM card or contract. The 2nr app comes in two versions: a basic version, which offers a 3-day number validity, and a premium version which extends the number validity and includes additional features.

Features of 2nr Premium APK

Virtual Mobile Number:

The core feature of the 2nr Premium APK is the provision of a virtual mobile number, which users can use to send and receive SMS and make and receive calls globally.


This app is ideal for maintaining anonymity, especially in online marketplaces, which is crucial when buying or selling items.


Users are provided with a dedicated voicemail inbox where callers can leave messages, ensuring no communication is missed.

Notification Alerts:

The app instantly notifies users of missed calls, received messages, and voicemails once they reconnect to the internet.

Extended Number Validity (Premium Version):

The premium version of the app extends the number validity to 7 days, with an option to extend it up to a year for a fee.

Enhanced Messaging (Premium Version):

In the premium version, users can send text messages with any content and receive both SMS and MMS messages.

Call Functionality (Premium Version):

It’s possible to make and receive calls directly from the application in the premium version.

Account Top-Up and Identity Verification (Premium Version):

To access the premium features, users need to verify their identity and top up their account.

Restricted Outgoing Communication to Polish Numbers:

Outgoing calls and messages are limited to Polish numbers, which is a limitation but also a feature to note.

No SIM Card or Contract Required:

Users can get a free new number without the need for a contract, registration, or SIM card, which is perfect for avoiding roaming charges and for temporary use.

How to Use 2nr Premium APK

  • Download and Install: Download the 2nr Premium APK from a trusted source, and install it on your Android device.
  • Verification: Verify your identity and top up your account to access the premium version.
  • Utilize Your Virtual Number: Once verified, utilize your virtual number to make calls, send and receive messages.

Pros & Cons


  • Provides a secondary number without the need for a new SIM card or contract.
  • Ensures user anonymity.
  • Avoids roaming charges.


  • Outgoing calls and messages are limited to Polish numbers.
  • Requires identity verification and account top-up for premium version access.
Download 2nr Premium For Android
Download Now [15 MB]


The 2nr Premium APK emerges as a pragmatic solution in the modern digital communication sphere. Whether it’s maintaining anonymity, dodging roaming charges, or simply having a secondary number, the 2nr Premium APK caters to these needs efficiently. Its user-friendly interface coupled with its potent features makes it a noteworthy mention for individuals and professionals alike.

People Also Ask [FAQ]
Is the 2nr Premium APK free?

The basic version is free, but the premium version requires a fee.

Can I use the app without verifying my identity?

Identity verification is required to access the premium version of the app.

How long is the virtual number valid?

In the basic version, the number is valid for 3 days, while the premium version extends the validity to 7 days, with an option to extend up to a year for a fee.

Are there any device restrictions for using the app?

Devices with a modified Android system are excluded from using the app due to security reasons.

Can I use the virtual number for international calls and messages?

Yes, but outgoing calls and messages are limited to Polish numbers.

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